Bendy x sick reader

Alice Angel was definitely a sight to behold. Her long, beautiful hair swaying as she turned to look around. Bendy got to know her just days after she was created from the ink. Her personality was what attracted him to her the most. Bendy only made fun of her to hide his feelings from her, while the animators watched the ink characters fight, flirt, or whatever they thought was going on.

Alice was no idiot, but she didn't exactly know either. She knew where her feelings stood though. But how did he feel? The same, she hoped. She found his jokes and insults to her humorous, but pretended to be mad with him for the sake of his amusement. She noticed and had always seen hom as a bit of an egotistical demon he usually was. She gave him a peck on his cheek and saw the blush rush to his face immediately.

She giggled at his reaction. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Bendy and the Ink Machine. Short drabbles for Bendy the Demon and Alice Angel.

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She was an Angel and he, a Demon. She was an amazing actor and was always focused on her roles.

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Yet, it wasn't those that attracted him to her. He forgot one small thing. Due to their character types, they weren't allowed to love. Hopefully, he'd meet her before their premiere in twenty minutes.

We can handle it. How about you, Bendy? Although she wasn't allowed to, it disn't seem to matter to her in this moment. Do your best, No Wings. It's time we got on stage! He took her hand. Fear 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.Posted by EdgePretzel - August 19th, And don't leave anything out, if you can help it. Tell me your whole life story if ya have to.

Where do I start Oh, I know. This all kinda started when I first started watching your show.

bendy x sick reader

My dad drunk a lot. So he struggled with keeping a job, but he managed to keep one, surprisingly. I really depended on my mom for a lot of things until I got old enough to do things on my own. Usually she'd come home from work late at night. Which left a lot of time for my dad to waste what money we had on alcohol.

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But it got worse when I turned Him and my mom got into an argument and. He hit her. He hit both of us, and from then on, he hasn't stopped. But my mom died a couple years ago, she, uhm. That's why I'm here I guess I ran away, if you couldn't tell And my dad disappeared recently, too I'm so sorry I know what it feels like to lose someone you care a lot about You wiped your eyes, forcing a smile.

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You gave me some happy memories. I guess you can stay here.

bendy x sick reader

But there's not much you can really use for a bed. You didn't really realize how tired you were until you checked your phone for the time. Hold on, I think we have some blankets and sheets in the closet. You helped set it up, laying down once both had finished.The Lector63x is a flexible image-based code reader. With its high image resolution, compact housing and exchangeable optical design it is well equipped for a variety of needs.

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Bendy, his best friend in the whole world, had spent the past week in bed, sick. Boris hadn't been allowed to see him having to sleep on the couch in Henrys room, but since Henry and Joey weren't there today, Boris decided to bring him some soup, bacon soup. Bendy snored softly, curled up on his side. Boris smiled at him and walked over to his bed. Bendy's eye's slowly opened and he blinked at Boris.

Boris nodded smiling. I figured you could use some soup. Bendy sat up slightly. Boris waived off his doubt and offered him a spoonful. Bendy coughed, giving a small smile.

Bendy opened his mouth, giving in and letting his best friend feed him, until he started falling asleep again. Boris put the bowl down and smiled, standing up. Bendy gave a slight smile, then shivered and curled up. Boris rolled his eye's. Bendy shook his head, then winced holding it. I won't take your blanket. Boris ignored him and headed to get him a blanket. Boris thought a moment, then climbed over Bendy, laying beside him.

Boris shrugged. Boris curled around him gently. Bendy didn't answer. Boris chuckled when he found his friend asleep. I brought him soup but it didn't help.

Bendy snored softly and clung to him in his sleep. Bendy coughed roughly, curling up more. Bendys tail was wrapped around one of Boris' arms. Henry sighed, though Joey looked annoyed. Boris nodded cuddling Bendy. Henry and Joey left. Boris looked back down at Bendy and smiled, feeling his fever was gone. Bendy rubbed his eye's gently with a soft yawn. Bendy murmured softly, cuddling closer to his chest. I can go make you some more soup.

Bendy nodded slightly at him letting his friend go.You went with Henry to his old workplace. You were distracting Bendy while your uncle Henry looked for levers to open the next doors.

bendy x sick reader

You collapsed at the end of a hallway. You soon felt something nudge your back. Bendy knew you needed the rest, so he let you curl up in his hands. When you woke up from your nap, you saw Bendy seemingly staring down at you. You had made friends with the beast everyone was taught to fear. He gave you a little kiss before you both fell asleep. These lovely ladies are the bad side of this holiday. Characters left to right:.

It would really mean a lot to me if you come support me on Patreon. However, we need help designing some characters. If you make fun of someone because of their race, religion, gender, or sexuality. YOU are a piece of SH! My art is trash, my stories are trash, everything is trash. Sorry I wasted your time, but I will leave my blog on tumblr if you for some god unknown reason want to look through my old stuff.

This was kinda inspired by a base. Ever since the park was abandoned, the animatronics have since then been reactivated. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Wow I was so bored that I made 6 emoticons for my discord server in less than an hour… I really need a life….

I hate humans If you make fun of someone because of their race, religion, gender, or sexuality. Important about the Lazy Town fanfic The story is gonna be posted on my wattpad account. My name on there is FablesOfMabel. Being a midget is genetic when it comes to my family on both sides too. See this in the app Show more.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Cancel Apply Ups and Downs by Blackmoondragon reviews 'Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure, measure a year' A what-if plot based around the Henry and the Ink Machine AU on Tumblr by thelostmoongazer. Pulled Apart by SonicCrazyGal reviews Sequel to In This Together The Stein family had come a long way since their days trapped in the studio, enjoying their freedom and the new lives they've made for themselves.

But everything isn't as perfect as it seems and the darkness is creeping back into their lives. They should have known the Liar wasn't done with them yet.

The Whisper in the Notes by The ink stained poet He had always felt something special when he was near music. He was always drawn to the sweet melodies it produced, from the simple tunes to the grand masterpieces. It was more than love, much more. It was something different, a connection with the notes. I am not the Twisted Angel by The ink stained poet reviews Two Angels, so eerily similar and yet so different. One's reputation is one of fear ,the other's has been tainted, perhaps beyond fix.

The whispers of the blinded grow louder but can the angel prove she's not her double? No one in the studio is safe, apart from those he counts as friends. However as time goes on, strange events begin to happen that not only threatens their new life, but may also force one of the new parents to show exactly how far they are willing to keep the family safe. The Irish Toymaker by The ink stained poet "I'm just yer Irish Toymaker, painting these wretched dolls" Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

A Studio Nightmare by The ink stained poet "Death is always near.

bendy x sick reader

The demon, can you hear his call? Will he be the same little devil darling? Or be the ink demon that he is? Rated T for swearing. Watching the dawn skies with you Bendy x readerOC by o0 GingerAle 0o Night has a hard life, dealing with depression, social anxiety, bullies, a bad foster home, as well as two demons that haunt her. She's just started high school, and she's prepared to be another invisible background charter.

But one day she meets Bendy, and everything changes. Suddenly her life is turned upside down, and she is forced to make a decision she might regret. Welcome to Bendyland! Bendyland is approaching its 20th anniversary, and celebrations are in full swing! Come enjoy our all-new attractions, or meet Bendy, Alice, or Boris during the day!I could tell it was raining tonight.

A liquidy substance was hitting the roof, mixing in with the sound of the ink flowing through the pipes.

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I was alone, again, sitting against the ink machine. Nobody had ever came back to the studio after Boris was cut open. But, I admire Boris's corpse sometimes when I have nothing else to do. I look at the small ink stream that was leaking in from the ceiling. It made the usual dripping sounds. Nothing different. Nothing will ever be different. Right when I finish thinking that to myself, I hear a door open and close harshly, and a scream. I gasp quietly. I get up from ink machine.

I run quietly down the corridor, peeking over the corner. I saw After a while, she stopped. She then turns around. She had an adorably scared expression. I let out a small laugh. After I did, I hide myself in the corridor again. The girl gasped violently. D-Don't hurt me! I need help!

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